You can find here detailed information for using the MicroWidgets library.


This library contains three main kind of classes. This page contains a chapter for each one.

Each classe is described and a simple example is provided.
If you want more detailed example and/or explanations, you can download the test module source files, and consult this library javadoc.


Following components are currently available in this library (Clic on class name to view details):

Button Button        CheckBox CheckBox
DigitTextField DigitTextField        ExclusiveChoice ExclusiveChoice
GraphicItem GraphicItem        Hyperlink Hyperlink
ImageItem ImageItem        Slider Slider
StringItem StringItem        TextField TextField


Two containers are provided (Clic on class name to view details):


Five listeners are provided: Four for components, and one for containers.
See table below to determine which one can be used:

  ActionListener ComponentListener ContainerListener FocusListener ValueChangeListener
Button X X   X  
CheckBox X X   X  
DigitTextField   X   X X
ExclusiveChoice   X   X X
GraphicItem   X   X  
HyperLink X X   X  
ImageItem   X   X  
Slider   X   X X
StringItem   X   X  
TextField   X   X X
RowPanel     X    
XYPanel     X    
Clic on a cell link to view an example of use.